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iMight Love Freddie -- Part 2

Lotstar May 27, 2012 User blog:Lotstar

Hey guys. Here is part 2 of iMight Love Freddie. :)

I REALLY appreciate all the comments I got on Part 1 . You guys are awesome. :D

Again, non-Creddiers welcome to read, but PLEASE no bashing.

(SCENE: Groovie Smoothie. Carly and Freddie are at a table. Freddie is chewing his fork and staring thoughtfully at Carly. Carly looks distracted and is impatiently tapping her fingers on the table.)
Freddie: So can we please talk about- *Carly takes her phone out and looks at it* That's the fifteenth time you've looked at your phone in the past 10 minutes.
Carly: I can't help it! You know I can't help it!
Freddie: Carly-
Carly: Sam missed iCarly and isn't responding to my calls or my texts!
Freddie: *shrugs* Maybe something suddenly came up?
Carly: But wouldn't she call or at least text? Something's wrong, I just know it.
Freddie: *puts his cup down on the table* Look, why don't you just calm down and-
Carly: I will NOT calm down!
Freddie: Just drink your smoothie.
Carly: *grabs smoothie and takes a small sip* Happy now?
Freddie: *gestures to the cup* More.
Carly: *rolls her eyes, slightly smirks, and drinks for a while before spluttering out her drink in a spit-take like fashion* Freddie!
Freddie: What?
Carly: My phone - it just vibrated!
Freddie: A text?
*Carly nods excitedly*
Freddie: Well, check it!
*Carly takes her phone out and looks at it*
Freddie: From Sam?
Carly: *sighs* Nope.
*They both slouch back into their chairs*
Freddie: So who was the text from?
Carly: Oh... just one of those spam things.
Freddie: Oh yeah, those. What did it say?
Carly: *immediate answer* Nothing!
Freddie: Uh, okay? Sorry for... asking?
Carly: It's just... not that... interesting.
Freddie: Maybe not for you, but maybe for me-
Carly: It's not interesting.
Freddie: Is something wrong?
Carly: What...? No...
Freddie: *looks sceptical* Hand me your phone?
Carly: No.
Freddie: Why "no"?
Carly: Just... no.
Freddie: Will you at least TELL me what the text said?
Carly: But... *sighs* Ugh, fine. I kinda did a compatibility test on... us. You know, the ones were you text in the two names and they text back telling you how compatible you are?
Freddie: *shocked* You're kidding, right? Carly, you DO know those things don't really work?
Carly: Yeah... *puts her phone on the table*
Freddie: So, uh, how "compatible" are we?
Carly: EXCUSE me?
Freddie: You heard.
Carly: *hesitates, then looks at her phone* 94%...
Freddie: Ah.
*long pause. Carly and Freddie stare awkwardly at the ground when Carly's phone vibrates again. Freddie looks at Carly quizzically*
Carly: I, uh, might have done a test on you and... Sam.
Freddie: Carly...
Carly: Sorry...
Freddie: Just... tell me how "compatible" me and Sam are.
Carly: *looks at her phone and speaks very quietly* 28%... *Freddie says nothing* Freddie, I'm sorry-
Freddie: Don't worry about it. Just... promise me you won't waste your money on this type of stuff again, kay?
Carly: *smiles* Kay.

(SCENE: Shay apartment. Carly walks in through the door followed by Freddie.)
Carly: Spencer, I'm home!
Spencer: *walks out from his bedroom* Hey kiddo. *sees Freddie* And friend-of-kiddo.
Freddie: Hey, Spence.
Spencer: How was school?
Carly/Freddie: Meh/Very schoolish.
Spencer: Good to know...? *looks behind Carly and Freddie* Where's Sam?
Carly: You tell me!
Freddie: She bailed on school today.
Spencer: And she didn't text either of you?
Carly: No! I haven't heard from her since before iCarly.
Spencer: Weird...
Carly: VERY weird.
Spencer: Well, maybe her phone broke or something?
Carly: Maybe - but I've emailed her and called her house! Sam ALWAYS checks her email and her mum just said that Sam "was unavailable".
Spencer: Maybe she WAS unavailable.
Carly: For FIVE hours?
*Spencer shrugs*
Carly: I'm gonna go do my homework... and worry. *goes upstairs*
Freddie: She's... upset.
Spencer: Oh, you think?
Freddie: You gotta admit though - it IS pretty weird.
Spencer: Hmm...
Freddie: Is that face what I think that face is? Is that your "Spencer got an idea" face?
Spencer: Hmm...
Freddie: Don't just say "Hmm"!
Spencer: Okay, okay, calm down! What if...
Freddie: What if...?
Spencer: Sam was...
Freddie: Sam was...? Sam was WHAT?
Spencer: Kidnapped!
Freddie: Kidnapped?
Spencer: Kidnapped!
Freddie: Sam would just beat up kidnappers.
Spencer: But what if the kidnappers were NINJAS?
Freddie: I'll just... bye. *leaves*

Part 3 coming soon! If you enjoyed this, feel free to leave a comment and maybe give me some constructive criticism. I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing. :) Lotstar 07:33, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

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