Heya guys! Sorry, this took, like, forever, but here is Part 4!! I promise I'll be quicker in uploading from now on. :)

Again, thanks to all my "reviewers" for Part 3. I really appreciate all the nice comments and constructive criticism you guys give me. :)

Non-Creddiers welcome to read, but no ship-warring please. :)

(SCENE:Shay apartment. Spencer is on the couch when Carly storms in followed by Freddie)
Freddie: Just listen to me!
Carly: Absolutely NOT.
Freddie: It's been THREE days, Carly!
Carly: I don't care! If Sam wants to be a jerk, I'm certainly not going to be the one to apologise!
Freddie: But you and Sam are BEST FRIENDS!
Carly: Ugh, how many times do I have to TELL you? We WERE best friends until she had to over-react and ruin everything!
Freddie: *sighs* I'll just... I'm gonna send Sam an email. *he goes over to the computer*
Carly: *slumps onto the couch, pouting* Do what you want...
Spencer: You know, maybe Freddie's right.
Carly: What?
Spencer: It HAS been three days... maybe you should just forgive and forget.
Carly: It's... complicated. Us girls aren't like you guys.
Spencer: *mutters* Yeah, you don't have to tell me twice.
Freddie: Wait, wait, wait. Why isn't Sam in your email folder?
Carly: I deleted her.
Freddie: But... why would you DO that?
Carly: Don't get me ranting again.
Freddie: Whatever... I'll just send Sam a text. *gets out his phone*
Spencer: So, kiddo, whatcha want for dinner?
Carly: *shrugs* Whatever.
Spencer: I still have some leftover spaghetti. Spaghetti tacos?
Carly: Sure.
Spencer: Cool. *looks over at Freddie* You wanna stay for dinner?
Freddie: Nah, can't. My mum will kill me if I eat "your food" again.
Carly: What?
Freddie: Last time I ate spaghetti tacos, I accidently hit my knee on my bed-post that night, so my mum assumed I was allergic.
Carly: Yikes... Did it hurt?
Freddie: Not really. *looks at his phone* Speaking of my mother, I better get home. Tonight a family friend is coming over so I need to "spend quality time" with her.
Carly: Her? Who is she?
Freddie: Her name's Rebecca. I honestly have no idea how she met my mother. I think they met on the aggressive parenting forum. She has a teenage daughter who I've never met. Her name's... Brittany, I think.
Carly: Brittany... well, have fun.
Freddie: Don't worry. I've met some of my mum's aggressive parenting friends before, and oh my God, they are in NO way "fun". Last time I met one of them, I wasn't allowed to watch TV for a WEEK. The psycho chick convinced my mum that TV led to murderous children.
Carly: Woah...
Mrs Benson: *off-screen* Freddie!
Freddie: I gotta go... see ya tomorrow, Carls.
Carly: Bye. *Freddie leaves*

(SCENE:Sam's house. Sam is on the couch watching TV, when her phone makes a noise. She looks at it to see Freddie's text: "why dont u just say srry to carly?". Sam rolls her eyes and hits the "Delete" button)
Pam: *enters through the door* Aren't you meant to be getting ready for school?
Sam: I'm not going.
Pam: Again?
Sam: Mum, I've gone for the past three days. Can't I take a break?
Pam: No, you may not take a break. *takes Sam's bowl of popcorn*
Sam: Mum!
Pam: *mocking tone* Sam!
Sam: Can I just finish my popcorn?
Pam: When you get home!
Sam: But I wanna stay home all day!
Pam: Well, you can't.
Sam: But-
Pam: No.
Sam: But-
Pam: NO!
Sam: Fine... *goes upstairs to her room*
Pam: Good.

Okay, so that last scene WAS more of a "filler" scene cause I was out of ideas. XD I'll make sure to have long, hard think and pout up Part 5 ASAP. :) Lotstar 06:43, June 10, 2012 (UTC)

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