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iMight Love Freddie -- Part 5

Lotstar September 27, 2012 User blog:Lotstar

So this has not been updated in AGES! lol but here it is! iMight Love Freddie Part 5!

I feel like I should supply links to the previous parts so people can read them so they know what's happening. :P

As it has always been with this fanfiction, Non-Creddiers welcome to read and comment, but no ship-warring. <3

(SCENE: Build-A-Bra. Carly is looking through a shelf of bra parts. Freddie is standing behind her, looking around uncomfortably.)
Freddie: Are you done yet?
Carly: No.
Freddie: Come on, Carly, we've been at this shelf for ten minutes!
Carly: Deciding which straps to use on a bra is a very important decision. Besides, I haven't even looked through half the items on this shelf!
Freddie: Why did you have to bring me anyway?
Carly: Because I can't just come to a shop alone! And Wendy was busy so you were all that was left!
Freddie: What about Sam?
Carly: *pause, speaks coldly* You know exactly "what" about Sam.
*silence, a girl walks up to Freddie*
Suzie: Freddie?
Freddie: Oh! Suzie! It's... great to... why are you here?
Suzie: *chuckles* I think it would make more sense if I asked you why YOU were here. *Carly turns around and watches Suzie talk to Freddie, Suzie playfully pushes Freddie's shoulder* I never knew you were into buying bras.
Freddie: Oh, uh, yeah, this is kinda... awkward, but, um, you see, I'm not buying bras, I'm here with-
Carly: *stands close to Freddie* He's with me.
Freddie: *looks at the ground and points to Carly* Yeah, what she said.
Suzie: *smiles* You don't have to explain yourself to me. But, I had no idea that you and Carly were going out. When did that start? *Carly and Freddie open their mouths to answer, but Suzie interrupts* You know, it's not my business anyway. I'll just leave you two alone. *walks away*
Freddie: Suzie!
Carly: We're not-
Freddie: There's a misunderstanding, you see-
Carly: This isn't-
*they both groan*
Freddie: Well, that's not good.
Carly: The entire school's going to think that you and me were making out in Build-A-Bra.
Freddie: *looks at ground* So did you find the straps you want yet?
Carly: Yeah... Let's go.
*they both walk away*

(SCENE: Ridgeway. Carly and Freddie walk down the stairs when they see Suzie talking to some boys)
Suzie: I'm not going to give details, but they sure were cute.
Boy 1: Since when are Carly and Freddie dating?
Suzie: That's what I want to know! Seeing them... well, you know, in Build-A-Bra really was surprising. I almost stayed to ask questions, but I didn't want to make them feel awkward.
Boy 2: Wow... Well, thanks Suzie.
Suzie: *smiles* No problem boys! *walks away*
Boy 2: *turns to Boy 1* You owe me a hundred bucks.
Boy 1: No way! It's not official yet!
Boy 2: 5 months ago we made a bet on whether Freddie would choose Carly or Sam. I won. Now pay up!
Boy 1: But-
Boy 2: Pay up!
Boy 1: Fine. *puts a note in Boy 2's hands while mumbling incoherently*
Boy 2: THANK you.
*they walk in opposite directions. Carly and Freddie walk to Carly's locker*
Carly: Well, this is just PERFECT! The entire school thinks we were doing who knows what in Build-A-Bra and people are winning and losing bets and-
Freddie: Look, Carly.
Carly: I will not "look" at anything! I wanted to put the possibility of a relationship off until everything was sorted out, but now...
*Sam walks up to them and gives Carly a venomous look*
Carly: *returns the look* What do YOU want?
Sam: I'd like to get to my locker, which your little BOYFRIEND just so happens to be standing in front of.
Carly: My little BOYFRIEND?!
Sam: So I've heard.
Freddie: From who?
Sam: None of your beeswax, Benson.
Freddie: Suzie?
Sam: I SAID it was none of your beeswax!
Carly: Don't yell at him! He's done nothing to you!
Sam: I'm not yelling at him, I'm yelling at YOU now!
Carly: Fine!
Sam: Fine!
Carly: Nyeeh!
Sam: Nyeeh!
Carly: *turns to Freddie* Let's go!
Sam: Good riddance!
*Carly slams her locker and drags Freddie away by the arm*

So there it is! :D I'll try and update quicker now. :) Leave a comment and give me some constructive criticism if you want! (notice: CONSTRUCTIVE criticism) :D

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