Here is the seventh episode of my fake iCarly season!


Carly, Sam and Freddie plan their next webshow to have a huge amount of new effects. But, they soon realise they've gone over-budget. The three have to get part-time jobs to pay for the equipment. Carly gets a job as a photographer's assistant, Sam works at a small job at a building site, and Freddie becomes a minor TV producer. After a long, hard week in which they are exhausted, they can finally pay for the equipment.


  • Sam's builder's hat had a red spot on it when she was wearing it, but in the shot when she is holding it, there is no spot.

Ship Moments


  • Carly an Freddie both get jobs in technology, and Carly states she loves tech stuff, while looking at Freddie in a flirty way.
  • Freddie helps Carly take pictures, and they take pics of eachother in silly poses.
  • Carly's poses appear to be like a model's, maybe trying to impress Freddie.


  • Freddie's original plan was to be a chef, which involves food, something Sam loves.
  • When Sam walks in on Carly and Freddie taking pics of eachother, for a second she looks possible jealous. She comes and stands next to Freddie.


  • During the webshow, Carly continually slaps Sam's butt, and Sam smiles every time she does.
  • Sam almost jumps on Carly on the couch, but Carly doesn't try and dodge Sam.

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