Here is the fourth episode of my fake iCarly season!


After Carly and Freddie hear Sam singing to herself while walking down the school hallway, they continually confront her about it. She eventually admits that she can sing, but is very self-conscious about it. Carly and Freddie choose to help her, and they write a song for her to sing on iCarly. This backfires, however, and causes Sam to get angry at them. Carly and Freddie pressure her to sing until she finally does, and her singing gathers many positive comments from the fans.


  • Sam looks over her right shoulder at Carly and Freddie, but in the next shot she is looking over her left and turns around.
  • When Sam is singing, firstly Carly and Freddie are standing next to eachother, then Freddie is at his laptop, then in the third shot they are next to eachother again.

Ship Moments


  • Carly playfully makes a joke about Freddie's hair, and picks at it in the same playful manner later.
  • Freddie puts his arm around Carly's shoulder when Sam sings the lyrics "And I wrap my arm around you with love"
  • Carly glances over at Freddie when Sam sings "I just can't say the truth to you"
  • After the webshow, Freddie looks at Carly, smiling, when she says that Sam was amazing.


  • Freddie appears to smirk when he hears Sam sing, and smiles whenever she denies it.
  • Freddie came up with idea of writing a song for Sam to sing, and also comes up with the idea to make it about love.
  • Sam doesn't attack Freddie, even though she knew that it was his idea to get her to sing on iCarly.
  • The lyrics of Sam's song seem to be very Seddie-ish, with words like "You know that little game we play" and "I could never compare to that girl you loved"
  • Freddie seems to look at Sam with a longing look when she sings "Love may hurt, but let's just put that fact behind us"


  • As soon as Carly tries to get Sam's attention, Sam can barely be heard singing "The girl that's right for me"
  • Sam gets angry at Freddie, even though she knew that Carly played a part in the song.
  • Sam only agrees to sing the song when Carly asks her too.
  • Carly pats Sam's shoulder after the webshow, which ends up leading into a hug. Also, when Carly seems to pull away, Sam appears to pull her back, and the same thing happened when Sam pulled away.

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