Here is the third and final part of iTalk During Detention! Here are links to the other parts:

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Part Three

Carly was pacing outside the principal's office, waiting for Sam and Gibby to come out of detention. She was sipping water frantically, and froze mid-sip when she saw Sam and Gibby walk out, so close their shoulders were practically touching. They were talking and giggling happily. Carly walked over to Sam and pulled her away by the arm.

"You took your time getting out!" she whispered, "What, do you suddenly like detention?"

"No," Sam replied, "I just was having fun chatting with Gibby."

"You give Gibby wedgies all the time, and now you suddenly have a crush on him? It sounds like you have a crush on him to me."

"Well... I wouldn't call it a crush exactly... he's just funny and stuff, and I had fun hanging out with him."

"You have a crush on him."

"Ok, ok, I guess maybe a little crush. But don't freak, I'm not gonna go mad and call him cute and gross names or anything."

"You better not, Sam, cause that is not like you. Come on, let's go to class."

"Is Freddorko going to be there?"

"Yeah, he should... why?"

"Ok then." Sam grabbed a book of pranks from her locker. She looked up a prank and grabbed some superglue, "Let's go."

Carly rolled her eyes as she and Sam walked down the hallway. Sam had one more question to ask.

"Will Gibby be there?"

"You are not grabbing more superglue for him, Sam."

"I'm not. I'm, umm, giving him back his pen I borrowed."

"When did you borrow his pen?"

"I didn't. I took it from his locker yesterday."

"And you're giving it back?"

"Yeah," said Sam as she grabbed a pen from her locker, "Now we can go."

Carly and Sam walked off to class and Sam made a silent vow to be kinder to Gibby.

The End

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