Here is Part Two of my first Fanfic! If you haven't read Part 1 here is a link:,_Part_One_(Contains_Sibby)

Part Two

Sam and Gibby walked into Principal Franklin's office for detention. Gibby looked tense, and whenever she could, Sam stole glances at him to check that he was ok. Principal Franklin gestured towards two seats.

"Sit down," he said. Sam and Gibby obeyed and Principal Franklin began speaking again, "I hear you two were passing notes in class. Is that true?"

"Yes Sir!" Gibby answered immediatly.

"Ok then. Before I leave to go to the teacher's lounge, I need to ask you something Sam. Teachers have told me you have been sleeping during class. All twelve of them!"

"Maybe a little," Sam replied with a lazy tone.

"Maybe a lot!" said Principal Franklin, "So I'm giving you 12 lunchtime detentions. You'll start tomorrow. Don't argue! I'm going now. You kids do whatever it is that kids in detention do."

Principal Franklin left and Sam and Gibby were left alone. There was a long silence. Then Gibby mustered up the courage to speak.

"Listen Sam... Sorry about your detentions."

"Why are you sorry?" she asked.

"If I hadn't passed that note to you we wouldn't be here and most likely Principal Franklin wouldn't have given you detention.

"Meh, it's not that big a deal. Been there, done that."

Gibby chuckled, "You mean that?"

"Yeah, detention is sorta a habit for me. A hobby, if you think about it."

Another silence followed, and Gibby spoke again, "Hey... you wanna know my hobby?"

Sam shrugged, "Sure, why not?"

Gibby was hesitant to answer, "You might have guessed it, but I like dancing with my shirt off."

"Umm, I knew that Gibby. You said it at the Cheesecake Warehouse in forn of the whole world, remember?"

"Oh yeah... I forget a lot of stuff. I'm not that smart."

"I guess that means we have something in common."

"Yeah... Hey! Remember the time where I guessed there were 5 fat cakes in that tank?"

Sam chuckled, "Yeah, that was funny."

Sam and Gibby talked on for the rest of detention, laughing and having a great time.

Part Three will be published tomorrow!

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