Part One of my fake iCarly episode!

iTruth or Dare: Part One

Scene: iCarly studio. Carly and Sam on the beanbags talking.

Carly: So, whatcha got?

Sam: Let me think... Oh! Why don't we steal Freddie's clothes and make him run around town nak-


Sam: Come on, lighten up! You gotta admit, that would be amusing.

Carly (rolls her eyes)

(Freddie walks in. Carly looks up.)

Freddie: Hey, what are you two doing?

Sam: Trying to think of one last thing to do for the next iCarly. I had the idea of stealing your clothes and-

Carly: SAM!

Sam: What?!

Carly: You know what. (pauses then speaks to Freddie) Hey... didn't some iCarly fans send us some Truth or Dare questions?

Freddie: Oh yeah! Heaps!

Carly: Why don't we do Truth or Dare on iCarly? That would be entertaining.

Sam: Sounds good to me.

Freddie: Let's do it.

Sam: (checks her phone) Uggh.

Carly: Uggn what?

Sam: I need to go. I got paired up with Gibby for my science project and I need to go to his house to work on it.

Freddie: You and Gibby in the same room? Oh my god, Gibby's gonna feel this tomorrow.

Carly: He'll be lucky to be alive tomorrow.

Sam: Oh, come on, I'm not that bad.

Freddie: You're pretty bad, Sam.

Sam: Whatev', I need to go anyway. (takes ham out of her bag) See you guys tomorrow. (leaves)


Freddie: She keeps ham in her bag?

Carly: And fried chicken. And ribs.

Freddie: That girl's a bottomless pit.

(They both giggle)

Opening Credits

Liked it? Hated it? Leave feedback in the comments please! Part Two coming soon!

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