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iTruth or Dare: Part Two

Lotstar April 25, 2011 User blog:Lotstar

Part Two of my fake iCarly episode!

Click here to see Part One!

iTruth or Dare: Part Two

Scene: iCarly webshow

Carly: So that's why we strongly believe that Gibby is superior to the brussel sprout.

Sam: Believe us when we say that nothing is worse than the brussel sprout.

Gibby: (running past the camera shirtless) I WON! YESSSSSS!

Sam: .....Ok, moving on.

Carly: It's time for something different on iCarly.

Sam: It's time for Truth or Dare... iCarly style.

Carly and Sam: Ooooooo...

Carly: Ok, Freddie, explain the rules to all our wonderful fans out there.

Freddie: (turns the camera to himself) So, we pick a random Truth or Dare question, that you guys sent us, and Carly and Sam can't back down. (turns the camera back)

Sam: Cool. Now let's begin.

Freddie: Ok, Sam... Truth or Dare?

Sam: Dare. (in an excited voice) What ridiculous thing do I have to do?!

Freddie: Hmm, oh, here's one from MrWiggles1.

Sam: That guy obviously has no life.

Freddie: (ignoring Sam) He dares you to... be in the same room with a guy you hate with all your guts for ten minutes without punching or insulting him.

Sam: Easy. I won't insult you for the rest of this webcast, Freddo- I mean Freddie. (to herself) This'll be harder than I thought...

Freddie: Ok, then, Carly, Truth or Dare?

Carly: I'm gonna go... Truth.

Freddie: Cool. RainbowUnicorn678 asks you... Who do you love?

Carly: Who do I love? Umm, Jack. Yeah, Jack, that new kid at our school.

Sam: You've got to be kidding me.

Carly: No... no, I'm not.

Freddie: Ok, then, that wraps up Truth or Dare, I guess...

Carly: Why don't we end a little early tonight?

Sam: Umm, ok.

Freddie: Sure... and, we're clear?

Gibby: Ok, Sam, let's go.

Sam: Oh man, back to your place?

Gibby: Well, yeah, we have to do this project.

Sam: Fine. (her and Gibby leave)

Scene: Gibby's living room

Gibby: Ok, Sam, I got the- where are you?

Sam: (enters, holding a can of Wahoo Punch) Here.

Gibby: Sam! That's our last can of that stuff!

Sam: Tough luck.

Gibby: Let's just do the project.

Sam: Nah, I'll have a nap. You can do the project.

Gibby: What?! NO! I'm not doing a whole project by myself! You can help! You're quite capable of it!

Sam: I know I'm capable of helping. I know I can. I'm just not gonna help.

Gibby: You are a pain in the neck.

Sam: Thanks, Gibby. I like to be that way.

Gibby: Huh? What? Oh, forget it.

Sam: (smirks)

Liked it? Hated it? Please leave feedback in the comments! Part Three coming soon!

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