This is the promo for a fake iCarly episode I am making :)

iTruth or Dare: Promo

Narrator: On a brand new iCarly...

Sam: (on the webshow) It's time for Truth or Dare... iCarly style.

Narrator: Carly is challenged to a question that's come as quite a shock.

Carly: (on the webshow) Who do I love? Umm, Jack. Yeah, Jack, that new kid at our school.

Narrator: But has she just said something she shouldn't have?

Jack: Hey Carly.

Carly: JACK! (drops her books)

Jack: I saw your webshow last night.

Carly: (eyes widen) Oh, this is not good...

Narrator: And has she really told the truth?

Carly: (bursting into the iCarly studio, with Sam and Freddie inside it) Worst. Date! EVER!

(iCarly hallway)

Freddie: Do you really love Jack?

Carly: (bites her lip)

'Narrator: Don't miss a brand new iCarly! Coming soon!'

So yeah, that's the promo for my fake, I repeat, fake iCarly episode.

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