Hai, it's Ace! This blog was inspired when @Amythest444 and @ILoveSeddie1234321 were making bucket lists--a list of goals and experiences you wanna accomplish before you shrivel up into dust.

Basically, a list of things you want to achieve before you die.

What's on your bucket list? You can comment with your list on this blog or if you really want to, you can share it on a blog of your own. If you do, link it here. I can add it here for you so people can see. :)

Otay, well let's get to it! Here's mine. Erm, I'm only gonna do five since I'm anxious to post this, but you can add however many you want.

1. I want to get over my OCD. I seriously have diagnosed OCD. It comes to drastic measures sometimes (starting a book over because I misread a word, staying up until midnight doing laundry, freaking out and going crazy when items on my desk aren't in the right place, etc.), but yeah. I need to chill out.

2. I want to visit my uncle, who lives in Australia. I haven't seen him in years, and I miss him. Also, I wanna visit Nemo and Dory there. AND SQUIRT! East Australian Current, anyone? :D

3. My dream job is to be Ariel at Disneyand, but I don't wanna wear a wig all day. But even if you do have red hair, don't they make you wear a wig anyways? If not, I think I'm gonna have to settle for Belle. If that doesnt work out, I can always be the best Pokémon trainer. Like no one ever was. :3

4. I want to be a good driver when it's my time. Even when I look out the window while driving on the freeway, I get antsy. We're all driving so damn fast. I tend to think of the worst-case scenarios at times. Whenever we're on a big turn on the freeway, it's: OHMYGOD, WE ARE GOING TO DIE.

5. I want to find a guy who will propose to me at the Rainbow Road coarse on Mario Kart with a candy ring pop, in the purple flavor.

The last one is definitely my biggest goal. Anyways, sorry if I got a little too descriptive, haha. It's just that it's only five, and I thought I should elaborate a little more on them. Welp, comment below with yours! Toodaloo.


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