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  • Lovin'Seddie

    Hey everybody! I haven't been on in a while, but iBloop 2 has made me want to rant about something, and I missed coming on here, so I'm back! :)

    Anywho, ever since Victorious aired, I haven't liked it. I hated the fact that it made the iCarly production schedule way shorter, thus creating the long breaks in between episodes. I also hated how Dan would bring things from iCarly to Victorious, like Ginger Fox. Plus, in all honesty, I just don't find it that funny.

    I know a lot of you like Victorious, and I'm not trying to offend you, this is just how I feel about it. In my opinion, the 2 shows shouldn't be mixed. And this issue was brought to light again from Blooptorious and iBloop 2. The Rex interview show worked for Victorious since he's apa…

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  • Lovin'Seddie

    Alright, so I thought iLMM was a good episode, but besides the kiss it honestly didn't live up to my expectations.

    Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was expecting it ot be a little more emotional than it was. I know that it's a kids show, but I honestly thought they would go into more detail.

    First off, Dan wrote in his Fun Facts that the room scene would be "sweet and emotional". The only thing that happened was that Sam said she liked Freddie a little (which we already saw in the promo-but that's not Dan's fault), and then Freddie told her she wasn't more mentally unstable than she was from the rest of her life, and then they left like it never happened.

    How long has Sam liked Freddie?? Is she worried at all that he still might be "i…

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  • Lovin'Seddie

    NOTE: This blog is NOT meant to offend/hurt Creddiers, but I don't think that they'll agree with what I say in this. Be warned!

    Does anyone else feel like Dan meant to put Sam with Freddie from the beginning? Let's take a look:

    Carly has had many love interests through-out the series. Jake, Shane, Griffin, Austin, Adam, Cort*, and Steven. (There might be more, I forget!)

    • I would really count Cort, he was just sort of an object of admiration for Carly and Sam...

    Freddie hasn't had many love interests. He was obsessed with Carly, but even though he loved her still went out with Valerie. And that girl in iBeat the Heat (I forget her name), but they just talked, and that was it. He got one episode with Carly, but broke up with her because of a poi…

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  • Lovin'Seddie

    So basically just type out your ideal iCarly episode! You don't have to actually write the whole thing out, just the basic plot summary.

    It can be a one-character centric episode, a comedy episode, a character development/romance episode, etc.

    If you choose to write a romance, it can be for any ship, so no bashing someone's episode if they don't use the couple you like!

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  • Lovin'Seddie

    Hey guys! So me and SeddieWarrior (@xxibiancaxx on Twitter) had an idea. I know a lot of you are upset about Nick not showing any new iLMM promos, and I was too. However, the one that was leaked yesterday was supposed to be preimiered tonight, so that would be the new one. But the thing that made me angry was that they only showed the promo ONCE during iPWV, and they told Dan that there would be promoS. As in plural. Also, Nick told Dan that they would be airing new iCarly episodes in the next few weeks, but 10 weeks ISN'T "a few weeks"!

    So, me and SeddieWarrior want to do something about it! If you have a Twitter, then it'd be great if you tweeted @NickelodeonTV either of these has-tags: #NickPlayMoreiLMMPromos or #NickPlayiLMMEarlier. We'…

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