I was SO HAPPY with iOMG, it was my favorite episode ever. Amazing mix of pure comedy and drama.

Anyways, I was freaking out when Sam kissed Freddie! She did it with such passion... it was obvious that she was holding it in for a long time ;) But I was a little worried with Freddie's reaction. He was comepletely frozen with his eyes wide open, and he didn't do anything afterwards and it was awkward. I know that he must have been in shock and confused, but I feel sad that he didn't kiss her back :( (I'm watching the ep. again tonight, I only saw it once so I didn't get to analyze it that deeply, so I may be a little off.)

And I felt so bad for Sam when she apologized!!! Poor Sam :((((( But at least Freddie said "It's cool" instead of freaking out or something.

Oh, and do you think that Carly's jealous? Cuz if you looked at the pics from the ep. on, it shows a pic of Sam and Carly together and the caption says: "Which of the girls in this pic would you most want to date?" That USED to be an easy question for Freddie to answer, but now he's not so sure...

^So that means that his love for Carly must be gone... or maybe not. Who knows what twists Dan could throw in there? That caption is hinting at the long awaited and unavoidable Creseddie love triangle.

I can't wait until after iPWV to see what happens!!!!!!!!!! Do they just ignored that this happened??? GRRRR!!

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