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Don't loose faith, Seddiers!

I know that a lot of us are worried that Seddie won't happen in iOMG because of Miranda's tweet and some rude Creddiers trying to bring us down.

I think that we're all looking into this too much, which is what's making us nervous. When I first saw the promo, I was pretty much convinced that Seddie would happen. However, as time goes on I keep imagining all sorts of things happening that will prevent it from being Seddie, and it seems like a lot of other people are too. We're over-analysing it. It's more fun to be surprised when the episode comes instead of constantly worrying about it.

Here's some reasons why Seddiers shouldn't give up hope:

-In the promo, when it says "Sam's never been much of a romantic", it shows her hurting *Freddie*.

-Also in the promo, after it says "Sam's in love" the camera cuts to *Freddie's* shocked face.

-Again, in the promo, after Carly says "Don't you want a nice boyfriend?Go for it! Make a move!!" It shows her talking to *Freddie*, NOT Brad. And from the "iCarly will never be the same" and Carly's shocked face during the "oooohs!" from the audience, we can assume that *something* happens between Seddie. Keep in mind that Dan promised that the promos aren't teasing us

-Dan replied to a tweet that said that we needed a Seddie episode by saying "Just wait :) :) :)"

-When a fan asked Jennette if Sam and Freddie were gonna date, she replied with "Well, I can't say anything... but WINK WINK" (Or something like that, lol)

I hope this helped give Seddiers their faith back :)

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