So we all know that Dan signed iCarly for at least 24 more episodes, which is awesome! :D However, this could comepletely change the relationships.

Since we thought that this upcoming season would be the last, it makes sense for the Seddie/Creddie thnig to be resolved. Now that we have more episodes, this could affect it.

If you don't ship Seddie, then don't read this part. I don't want any ship warring :)

So let's say that Freddie admits to loving Sam back in the second part of iOMG. That means that there are 24 episodes for something to go wrong in their relationship. I'm not saying that the will absolutly break up at one point, but it could happen in an episode to make some drama and the plot for a couple more episodes.

Also, the possibility of a love triangle increases. With the love triangle it would make a good plot for at least a couple of episodes, and we have no idea if Freddie would choose Sam or Carly.

I'm NOT saying that iCarly will become a drama all about love. I fully believe that Dan can pull off keeping things funny and yet a little intense at the same time. He's been building this up for 4 seasons now, I seriously think he can do it :)'


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