So know that we know that iOMG2 is iDate Sam and Freddie, and we saw the purple restaurant in the run-thru video, and that video of Nathan and Jennette on set promoting the iCarly meet & greet thing in fancy clothes, I really think that there will be a Seddie date. If you don't ship Seddie, you probably don't agree with me, so you might not wanna be reading this blog.

Anyways, the way I see it this could go two ways.

A) Sam and Freddie decide to go out on one date and see how it goes. Freddie realizes that his feelings are still all mixed up and he needs time to sort them out. iCarly goes back to normal after this. (Then maybe, episodes later, Sam and Carly both confront him {since he told them both to wait on the dating} and a big love triangle starts. Maybe.)

B) Sam and Freddie go out on a date and have a great time and become a couple.

While I want B to happen, I'm not sure if it's very realistic. iCarly has been renewed for at least 24 more episodes, so now there is even more time for character development. I really just don't know...

So what are your hopes for their date (if it happens)? What do you think will happen?

Sorry for the long post :)

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