NOTE: This blog is NOT meant to offend/hurt Creddiers, but I don't think that they'll agree with what I say in this. Be warned!

Does anyone else feel like Dan meant to put Sam with Freddie from the beginning? Let's take a look:

Carly has had many love interests through-out the series. Jake, Shane, Griffin, Austin, Adam, Cort*, and Steven. (There might be more, I forget!)

  • I would really count Cort, he was just sort of an object of admiration for Carly and Sam...

Freddie hasn't had many love interests. He was obsessed with Carly, but even though he loved her still went out with Valerie. And that girl in iBeat the Heat (I forget her name), but they just talked, and that was it. He got one episode with Carly, but broke up with her because of a point Sam made.

Sam dated Jonah, but he cheated on her, trying to kiss Carly. Then she went after Shane, along with Carly, but she never kissed him, but Carly did and "won" their contest thing. Then she dated Pete, who she changed herself for, and that lasted one episode. After that she didn't have any other love interests, besides Cort (but like I said above, I wouldn't really count him).

Notice how both Sam and Freddie have a low number of love interests, while Carly has dated and kissed more boys. The only person Sam kissed was Freddie through-out the entire series. I feel like this is significant, like Dan did it on purpose. He had it established in the first episode that Freddie "loved" Carly, and everything was very open with their relationship. Seddie hints were more hidden, like in iWin A Date- Carly: "Wow, it must be terrible to love somebody and have them not love you back..." *Freddie looks at her* "Sorry." *Camera cuts to Sam looking down, sad*. Little things like that lead to bigger hints, and now it's out there that she *doesn't* hate him, she loves him.

That's just what I think, though... tell me what you think!! :)

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