Alright, so I thought iLMM was a good episode, but besides the kiss it honestly didn't live up to my expectations.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was expecting it ot be a little more emotional than it was. I know that it's a kids show, but I honestly thought they would go into more detail.

First off, Dan wrote in his Fun Facts that the room scene would be "sweet and emotional". The only thing that happened was that Sam said she liked Freddie a little (which we already saw in the promo-but that's not Dan's fault), and then Freddie told her she wasn't more mentally unstable than she was from the rest of her life, and then they left like it never happened.

How long has Sam liked Freddie?? Is she worried at all that he still might be "in love" with Carly?

And then the scene where Freddie kissed Sam. I thought it was insanely adorable, but...

How long has Freddie liked Sam?? Did he just decide then that he likes her, even though he could have told her when they talked earlier?

Maybe I'm over-thinking this, maybe I'll feel different in the morning, but still... :/

Anyways, "SEDDAYYYYYY!!" xD

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