Hey guys! So me and SeddieWarrior (@xxibiancaxx on Twitter) had an idea. I know a lot of you are upset about Nick not showing any new iLMM promos, and I was too. However, the one that was leaked yesterday was supposed to be preimiered tonight, so that would be the new one. But the thing that made me angry was that they only showed the promo ONCE during iPWV, and they told Dan that there would be promoS. As in plural. Also, Nick told Dan that they would be airing new iCarly episodes in the next few weeks, but 10 weeks ISN'T "a few weeks"!

So, me and SeddieWarrior want to do something about it! If you have a Twitter, then it'd be great if you tweeted @NickelodeonTV either of these has-tags: #NickPlayMoreiLMMPromos or #NickPlayiLMMEarlier. We're not nessasarily trying to get it to trend, we just want Nick to know that iCarly fans are NOT happy with the iCarly dry spells! iCarly has the largest fan-base on Nick, we bring in most of the views that the network gets. We should be treated better!

So if you guys would help us, it'd be much appriciated! SPREAD THE WORD! :)

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