So I'm really excited for the upcoming episode iDo, and I noticed that this place is flooded with blogs about it! And most of them are about the rumoured Seddie slow dance and them walking down the asile together at the wedding. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE it if that happened! But I don't want to be disappointed if that doesn't happen. Remember iBeat the Heat? I don't want that to happen agian. PLUS, aren't they trying to stop the wedding? And if Spencer got married, they would have to make his wife a reoccuring character or something. So the wedding probably WILL be stopped, so the possiblilities of dancing are small. I hate typing this, but it's true. But now I'm all hopped up and dreaming about the possible slow dance. So if it DOES happen, here's how I imaine it happening:

So Freddie's all mad at Sam for whatever reason, and they haven't really talked lately since their both mad/hurt. At the wedding reception party, Carly talks to Sam and tells her to go apoligize to Freddie and makes her feel all guilty about it. So Sam walks up to Freddie while he's at the snack table and tells him that she's really sorry for whatever she did. Then she'll apoligize for all the other stuff she had done lately, just like i iKiss. Freddie smiles and forgives her, then they stand at the snack table talking for a while. They start to make fun of peoples dance moves and imatate them. Then a slow song comes on, and everybody pairs up and slow dances. You can only slow dance one way really, so Sam and Freddie can't really make fun of people anymore. Sam states this out loud, and Freddie tells her that maybe instead of laughing at them, they could imatate them. She asks what he means, and he just grabs her lightly and takes her onto the dance floor.

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