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iCarly inappropriate?

Do you ever think that iCarly is inappropriate for the younger kids that watch it? It sometimes is, I think.

Like in iFix A Popstar, they say the word "sexy" twice. I know that it's not a bad word, but it's not a word that should be on a childrens network. (in my opinion)

And then Sam jokes that Spencer has a "sexy" dance in iBelieve in Bigfoot. Also, Carly and Freddie see squrriels "wrestling" in this episode, but I doubt that young kids would understand that joke.

Plus, in episodes like iSaved Your Live there was a lot of kissing, which could be considered a little bit inappropriate for the little ones.

I wish that iCarly was on TeenNick so that it could be more of a teen-ish show. If it was on TeenNick, then even the Cam relationship could be explored, and the show could focus more on romance (but still be funny!!).


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