Fellow wikiers!

I think we all agree that the moment we saw the promo for iSFW it just totally blew our minds out. They show actually do know the ships ;) Unfortunately, knowing Nick they always exagerrate and try to work up a frenzy before a movie. Also, Nathan Kress did say that there's a twist at the end. Forget about the BIG suprise Max Ehrich tweeted: it probably points out how everything in Webicon turns out to be actually big (remember Dan posting pics of his gigantic pineapples?) I'm rather interested at the so called twist at the end. Assuming that twist pertains to he answer regarding if it's creddie or seddie, what do you guys think that twist will be?

Knowing Dan's prowess, he will find a way to satisfy both Creddie and Seddie ships but at the same time not divide the fans. However we could be all wrong and Dan could actually go with one ship and develop the series from there. Some posts suggest that he might do a dream sequence (which some might consider cruel) while others think it'll be Seddie since it is known that in the episode Carly will be dating Adam, played by Max Ehrich.

These are some possible twists that come to my mind:

1. Carly's experience with Adam makes her re examine her feelings for Freddie however Freddie reveals to Carly that what they now have (friendship) is more important and doesn't want it to be complicated by their being a couple.

2. Carly's experience with Adam makes her realize her feelings for Freddie but Freddie tells her that he's over her and that he's happy with the way things are.

3. Carly dating Adam makes Freddie depressed so Sam consoles him by spending time with him and ending up together but Freddie ends it because it got too weird for the both of them.

I have some other possibilities in mind but I want to hear yours first!

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