Hello fellow wikiers!

Been out of the loop on our favorite show and is just recently catching up on the new iCarlys. I see in our comments section how mixed everyone's feelings on the recent episode iSPT. But this sort of episode is really not to be considered such a surprise. We all know the cast is grwoing up and there's just not that many subjects for them to dwell on that are open for the general public. I think it's very hard for the writers to come up with new material that all members of the demographic can appreciate. That's one problem with these kid shows: they're age specific. It's a blessing for iCarly to appeal to an older audience when they are basically just targeting the younger ages. But to target the older viewers using mature humor and still be appealing to the young ones is just plain hard. In my opinion this season won't be that appealing compared to the previous ones because of the fact that since the cast got older I think the episodes will be leaning to the mature side of things. It'll be very hard for the writers too. Imagine this: they would want to continue on with the cast's relationships more intimately (Sam-Freddie or Carly-Freddie) but they can't do it full on because it's still a kid show on a kid's network. But if they don't do stuff like that the show might look lame because who wants to keep seeing these tween casts tackle kiddie issues every episode? Dan and the writers can't please everyone that's why I think we're having all these mixed emotions regarding this season. Especially iSPT.

And that rambling was just my piece of pie and I feel iSPT is just the point where iCarly is now heading to the mature side of things and we must just accept that the kiddie show we love to watch is no more. Time to move on.. and keep on watching!

Any violent reaction? Comments?

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