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    Hey this cutee One shot Seddie Fanfiction from Facebook. Check it out =)

    Sam shuffled against the Shays' rug, not lifting a foot as she moved. Freddie arched a curious eyebrow at her.

    "What in the world are you doing?" he asked her.

    "Creating static electricity." Sam explained, "You ought to know, you're the nub."

    He crossed his arms angrily and sighed at her comment. Sam glanced at him, then sat next to him on the couch.

    "Hey, I'm sorry, Fredward." she apologized. He stared at her a moment. If she was apologizing, something was up. She smiled at him and held her hand out. He took it cautiously. As they touched he felt an electric spark run through his finger.

    "Yipe!" he yelled, pulling his hand back. Sam laughed.

    "Zap!" she said, "You s…

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    Here is the link:

    “Hutch Dano outside of Disney and the main cast of iCarly?

    The actor Hutch Dano, famous for playing the character on the show Zeke Zeke & Luther Disney Channel Disney XD can leave to go to the casting of Nickelodeon, the rival network of channels and movies, integrating the main cast of the popular series of Nick , iCarly, in its 6th and probably final season.The boy with blue eyes can interpret Brian’s cousin Freddie Benson, played by Nathan Kress. The possible new character for Hutch, which will also be a cool geek like its cousin, will go a long season of Benson’s house and becomes a kind of assistant director of Fred

    die in iCarly webshow. Brian will also fall in love with Car…

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    Seddie: "Remember"

    January 3, 2012 by Luckystar-48

    Look at this picture of Sam and Freddie. Sam & Freddie. Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson. Look at this, after all of the years or maybe just months for some people wishing, hoping, and nitpicking for SEDDIE. We finally got to see it. It happened.SEDDIE happened. Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson got together. Remember the speculations…the fanfics…the promos…the SEDDIE videos. Remember iReunite with Missy, the episode where it was stated by Carly that Freddie does care about Sam. Remember Sam, herself, going to Freddie for help. Remember this important part of their friendship. Remember the SEDDIE moments. Remember Sam and Freddie sharing smiles. Remember Freddie holding onto Sam when Sam’s mom crashed into the school. (hah) Remember seeing the promo…

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    October 26, 2011 by Luckystar-48

    iCarly posted this funny Halloween Story on Facebook... so I just wanted to try it here ^.^

    6 DAYS 'TIL HALLOWEEN! You're stuck in a haunted house with all of the iCarly's. You try to escape, but this happens...

    (Use the first 10 people on the left on your profile, insert their names, and then re-post!)

    Sam blocked the first doorway with a giant bag full o' fat cakes that she just had to bring. DevonAndersen eats them for you.

    Then Spencer tries to help you find your way out, but his shoes catch on fire. NoesebyMoseby puts out the fire.

    As you turn the corner, you find Sam-I-Ham unconscious 'cuz Gibby threw a meatloaf at their head.

    You and SeddieFan99 help your friend up and head toward the window.

    But Lewbert has sealed the windows with his wart…

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    So someone posted this on Tumblr...

    Ok this is my first and hopefully my last rant about Nathan:

    I’m sorry Nathan but when did your girlfriend become your first priority ? Since when did your fans become your last? You know that corvette you have? What bought you that? Money. Where did all that money come from? Your job , iCarly. who helps you get paid and watches iCarly? Your fans. So did you think before you blocked most of all the girl seddie fans? Apparently not. You know , the fans of iCarly, fans like me, have watched EVERY iCarly. We have been there since the start of your career. We have gone to your signings. Did everything in our power to try to see you host the Australian KCA’s. People who lived in the U.S. got up so early just to…

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