I just saw on Tumblr an Article about a new Character on iCarly!!!

Here is the link:

What The Whole Article said:

“Hutch Dano outside of Disney and the main cast of iCarly?

The actor Hutch Dano, famous for playing the character on the show Zeke Zeke & Luther Disney Channel Disney XD can leave to go to the casting of Nickelodeon, the rival network of channels and movies, integrating the main cast of the popular series of Nick , iCarly, in its 6th and probably final season.The boy with blue eyes can interpret Brian’s cousin Freddie Benson, played by Nathan Kress. The possible new character for Hutch, which will also be a cool geek like its cousin, will go a long season of Benson’s house and becomes a kind of assistant director of Fred

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die in iCarly webshow. Brian will also fall in love with Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove, but love is not reciprocated, also live and fight with Sam Puckett, played by Jennette McCurdy. This reminds you of something? According to sources, the purpose of the series creator, Dan Schneider, is to make the character of Hutch finish the series dating Carly or Sam, while Freddie finished dating another. And the resemblance between the two characters, making the wrath of fans Creddie (that twist to stay together Carly and Freddie) or Seddie (who cheer for Sam and Freddie) almost non-existent as a shippers will not happen again. What’s up? In the bet? Creddie and Sian (Sam and Brian) or Seddie and Children (Carly and Brian)? If the information is true, Hutch Dano will not be the first to migrate to Disney to Nickelodeon. In 2008, Keke Palmer left the network of channels and movies for the series starring Nick’s True Jackson.”

(I have a translator on my computer that perfectly translates it. If you have Google Chrome you can see it too)

I just really wanna know if its true or just a rumor, cause its really confusing me...

everyone in Tumbrl is freaking out about this article

If the Article is true he would be the new character on iCarly

BRAIN!!! ------>


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