iCarly posted this funny Halloween Story on Facebook... so I just wanted to try it here ^.^

6 DAYS 'TIL HALLOWEEN! You're stuck in a haunted house with all of the iCarly's. You try to escape, but this happens...

(Use the first 10 people on the left on your profile, insert their names, and then re-post!)

Sam blocked the first doorway with a giant bag full o' fat cakes that she just had to bring. DevonAndersen eats them for you.

Then Spencer tries to help you find your way out, but his shoes catch on fire. NoesebyMoseby puts out the fire.

As you turn the corner, you find Sam-I-Ham unconscious 'cuz Gibby threw a meatloaf at their head.

You and SeddieFan99 help your friend up and head toward the window.

But Lewbert has sealed the windows with his wart good. Holy Chiz finds another way out.

As you head toward the exit, Nora chicken bites your finger. Alica123 gives you some ointment.

Kittygirl7878 runs in to help, but trips over a cord and knocks out the electricity.

Freddie and Arianna4President swoop in with flashlights.

Mrs. Benson hears Freddie's in trouble and challenges you to a fencing match. Magicboots grabs her sword.

Purplexxx and Guppy lead you to their getaway car! You, your friends, and all the iCarlys escape!

I took the first 10 Usernames from latest activities xDDDD

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