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Well there's the Titanic and the-JK :P You all know what I mean by 'ship' so I was wondering, what are the most popular ships in order from the most shipped to the least. I mean, I know Seddie's at the top, but I'm starting to get confused with the order of the others, such as Cibby, Creddie, Sibby, Cam, Fibby, Fencer. <- those last ones are about the smallest ships I wanna know about :P Anyway, I know they used to have a bit of a list of order in the basic description of a ship (ex. Cibby is the _ most popular ship, after Seddie, Creddie...). But now it seems to have dissapeared, it only shows the ships it rivals (ex. Cibby rivals Creddie, Sibby, Cam...). So I just wanna know the order, for fun. Does anyone know? :O

Yeah, that's it :) pretty pointless blog :P

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