Ok, so I ship Cibby (and seddie a'course ;) ) But I know that some Seddie shippers don't ship it. And that's fine with me, but what annoys me is that you just have to come over to our page and announce it "I don't like Cibby" "Carly could do better!" and then more of you come over and reply how you agree. It's like, why? Why do you have to come over and tell us? We don't need to know. It's like going over to the Creddie page and going 'I don't like Creddie' it's just annoying. Say it on the Seddie page, say it on a blog if you really want, just, let us ship what we want. :(

I'm not trying to cause drama, I'm just saying :( How would you feel if someone went on the seddie page and started ranting about how much they don't like it in the comments?

Well, that's it. Hope you understand :)

Bye ^_^

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