Hello :) *sings* been a long time since a wrote a blog...

Ok, so, not to be negative, I mean if anyone started talking about this to me I'd be all "Don't even say that!" but, undeniably...iCarly (the show) is coming to a close...and I was wondering, when it ends, what's going to happen on here???

As much as I would love for all the social stuff to keep going on here, wouldn't it eventually die down? Sure, there could still be rant blogs and game blogs, a little squabble over the end result of the ships once in a while. But there wouldn't be anything to look foward to, nothing new and exciting to talk about D: I'm so scared that everyone's just gonna go away :(

Comment on what you think will happen

Bye :) Even though this was a sad blog, hope you enjoyed XD

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