Even though I'm a Seddie shipper, I wanted to post this, becuase it's still pretty sad...

Why was there never a iSYL part 2??

...Or any countinuation? Sure, in the end they broke up, but there was still a cliffhanger. Freddie said they should wait and see if Carly still liked him, but in the very next episode (iWas a Pagent Girl, i think) Freddie was totally healed, no cast, no crutches. Even though I'm a Seddie fan, i find it pretty unfair that the Creddiers never got their follow-up. And another thing, although slightly off-topic, of course Creddiers had a right to be sad after iOMG, but i still don't get why some people are so "Well Creddie had it's time" becuase honestly, there weren't THAT many Creddie moments. Sure, Freddie liked (sometimes said 'LOVE'-d) Carly, but it wasn't even that often said, and while Creddiers were enjoying small Creddie moments (iSpeed Date, for example) we would point out the underlying Seddie moments (Sam looked kind of jealous). What I'm saying is even when Creddiers had their moments, they heard about our little hints we found and it kind of teared down their moment. And so, I'm just saying overall, don't get mad at Creddiers for being down (even still,now).

First Blog, yay! ;)

Bye ^_^

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