• Luv2sing0723

    I just wrote my first fanfiction! It's for iOMG Part 2. I guess I could call it 'iKnow They Kissed' because I saw some people talking about that title and I thought it was really good. Plus, it kinda fits this story. Anyway, it's just one plot. I didn't write the sub plot or anything. Also, this is Seddie, so if you don't really want to read a Seddie fanfic, please don't read this one. Anyway, hope you guys like it! :)

    Also, sorry about the spacing.. I tried to make it look the best I could but the wiki is being glitchy right now. :)

    ..previously on iCarly..

    (Sam kissing Freddie)


    Freddie: It's cool..

    Sam: I--I have to go.. (runs into school and down left hallway, doesn't notice Carly)

    Freddie: (confused for a moment) Wait! Sam! (runs …

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