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    Sam might have a “little crush” on Spencer, but would that be enough for their to be a working romantic relationship?

    I’m even going to ignore the age difference.

    Does Spencer see Sam as a love interest instead of his little sister’s friend?

    There is no evidence that strongly suggest he does. We don’t even know for sure Spencer considers Sam his friend and not just Carly’s friend. Even if Spencer considers Sam his friend as well there is no strong evidence he considers her more than that.

    Even if Spencer saw Sam in a romantic way, and even if Sam’s little crush was still there, the relationship wouldn’t work for too long. I’m not denying that Spencer and Sam’s relationship is cute and entertaining, but wouldn’t transfer that well into a romant…

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  • Lyrical Saint

    I'm leaving (for now)

    October 21, 2011 by Lyrical Saint

    To anyone who bothered to read this blog, I know you've seen blogs like this. Many call these blogs "cries for attention" though that certainly isn't really what I have in mind. I'm not leaving to create drama and anything like that. I'm a junior in high school and have standardized tests to prepare for, grades to improve so I can get into a good college, and a social life I want to at least attempt to not lose. I don’t know if anyone will actually miss me or notice I'm gone, I’m not the most social person alive, but if you do than I’m sorry and I promise to try and be here sometimes. If you have anything you want to say and know for sure I’ll be able to read it within the near future than just say it in a comment on this blog.

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    Love, Hate and Seddie

    October 16, 2011 by Lyrical Saint

    I'm writing this blog to talk about the similarities between Love and Hate, and how it applies to Seddie.

    I want to first point out to my fellow Seddie shippers that I know Sam and Freddie never HATED each other, their negative emotions towards each other were never that strong.

    My thoughts on love and hate: I'm not saying that Love and Hate are the same emotion. That obviously isn't true. The thing these two emotions share is that they are extremely passion filled emotions. You can't love something without passion, the passion is what makes love such a strong emotion. You can't hate something without passion either, that is merely dislike. Love and hate are very different emotions, but they are not opposites. The opposite of love is apathy …

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    You should all note that I am talking about a civil marriage, but a religious ceremony of any kind. You can have a religious ceremony, and most people who have a ceremony also have a civil marriage, but why not allow homosexual people the right to have a civil marriage? Churches are not forced to accept people who are divorced civilly as divorced, they also won’t be forced to marry or even accept gay people as being married in the eyes of God. “The bible defines marriage as between a man and a woman” The bible also refers to Jesus as the messiah, that doesn’t mean people who practice Judaism should be required to accept that view. People who aren’t Christian have gotten married. The Greeks who believed in the Greek gods, the ancient Egyptians…

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  • Lyrical Saint

    "So you're saying you don't want me to be your girlfriend?"

    Those are the first words out of Carly's mouth after Freddie suggests they break up. That is either just a coincidence, or they made whether or not she's wanted the first place Carly's mind goes to. I'll get back to that in a little bit. Carly and Freddie break up in iSaved Your Life because Freddie feels he's just bacon. Was saving Carly's life Freddie's bacon... or was it his devotion? We know Carly at least liked Freddie's attention, but perhaps remembering that makes things make a bit more sense. iSaved Your Life came not too long after iSpeed Date, and that isn't a coincidence. In that episode Carly dated a guy who was all about himself, and ended up dancing with Freddie. Why did d…

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