I'm asking for your opinions everyone. But since I'm a motor mouth I'm going to give your my opinion on the subject. If you agree or disagree please comment explaining why.

I personally do not believe in love at first sight.

To me the idea of love at first sight makes both love and people sound shallow. A person doesn't love you for your looks, that's infatuation or attraction. While you should be physically attracted to the person you're with, love goes much further than that. Love is about caring about a whole person, not just bits and pieces of them. To love someone you have to know and accept their flaws, and if you love someone you should want to be them when they're at their best and even when they're at their worst. I don't think it's possible to meet someone and know right from the start how they are at their best and worst. I don't think it's possible to meet someone and already know their strengths and flaws. I just don't think it's possible to know someone who you've haven't known very long well enough to truly love them.

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