I'm writing this blog to talk about the similarities between Love and Hate, and how it applies to Seddie.

I want to first point out to my fellow Seddie shippers that I know Sam and Freddie never HATED each other, their negative emotions towards each other were never that strong.

My thoughts on love and hate: I'm not saying that Love and Hate are the same emotion. That obviously isn't true. The thing these two emotions share is that they are extremely passion filled emotions. You can't love something without passion, the passion is what makes love such a strong emotion. You can't hate something without passion either, that is merely dislike. Love and hate are very different emotions, but they are not opposites. The opposite of love is apathy (or indifference).

Seddie never truly hated each other, and based on the circumstances that's pretty impressive. Sam and Freddie obviously had a passionate relationship since they'd sometimes get so lost in an argument that they'd ignore anyone else in the room. Sam and Freddie would also mess with each other (Yes, sometimes Freddie messed with Sam) so they felt negatively towards each other (at first). I will admit that Sam was better at "the game" and played it more often than Freddie. The thing is usually when a relationship is passion fueled and negative that leads to hate, but the thing is even though Freddie felt both strongly and negatively towards Sam, he never truely hated her. Sam found ways to get his goat, made Freddie's life "miserable", and yet when the chips were down he showed he cared about her. Freddie felt strongly towards Sam (He'd get lost in thier fights), she gave him plenty of reasons for him to feel negatively towards her, and yet he never was able to make himself feel negatively towards her enough to hate her. Sam obviously never hated Freddie either, if she hated him she wouldn't have fallen for him.

Final note: The passion that made people think they truly hated each other might be the very thing that'll make Sam and Freddie a awesome couple in the end.

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