I'm a opinionated person, so if I see a show that explores a romantic aspect of the relationships between characters I'm going to form an opinion as to who should be together. But honestly, I think iCarly shipping has gone too far. I understand completely why ship bashing is not allowed, but if I write a blog I might not want only Seddiers to read it. Maybe I want to hear the arguments against me, because when an argument is challenged that's when you see if it is any good. Now I understand that I wouldn't want a link to a blog bashing my ship on it's own page, but if it was merely a a shipper of a different ship giving a link to a blog in which they expressed their opinion in a respectful way I'd either ignore the blog I obviously wouldn't agree with or I'd read it and explain why I disagree.

Seriously when did people lose the ability to agree to disagree? I think the separating everyone into two groups that can't debate or share opinions in any way shape or form will result in a extremely divided fan base. But hey if you want there to be a "Creddie familty" and a "Seddie family" instead of a iCarly family go right ahead. Let's treat this like a war with only two sides. Man poor neutral shippers. I guess they won't be able to express an opinion on anything shipping-related at all.

I'm sorry but I'm just so sick and tired of everyone acting like anyone who thinks Fredde (or any other character) should be with someone they don't is their enemy.

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