Smile seddie

You know when people say, "Oh you guys are TOO cute together"? Well... these two are! And, why don't I have a boyfriend so we can be too cute together too? --Carly


Everyone is in a nice outfit, There're in a public, is this a double date?

From what we've seen of iQ it's about Carly dating a really smart guy who she likes. Why might Carly decide that NOW she wants to find someone? Look at the picture to the left and I think you'll get a good idea. If you friends found someone who made them happy, it'd make sense that you might start looking for the same thing they have with each other. This picture and the fact that in iCan't Take It it was implied Carly was jealous of Sam and Freddie's relationship makes me think that Seddie might have made Carly want to find someone. If Seddie had just broken up, I think Carly might be DISCOURAGED from finding someone, thinking even if she found someone she liked, her and the guy she liked might still break up.

This next photo looks like a double-date to me. Why? Everyone looks like they're in a nice outfit, based on thier faces they might have met only recently (Freddie smiling because he approves, Sam making a less amused face because she can't believe the guy Carly told her about is a nerd). I think the scene makes more sense if it's a double date, under other circumstances I think Carly would introduce her nerdy boyfriend in the iCarly studio, instead of the Groovy Smoothe. Why would she invite her newly broken-up friends to spend time together with her and her boyfriend? It think what’s going on in this photo makes MUCH more sense if Seddie is still together.

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