You should all note that I am talking about a civil marriage, but a religious ceremony of any kind. You can have a religious ceremony, and most people who have a ceremony also have a civil marriage, but why not allow homosexual people the right to have a civil marriage? Churches are not forced to accept people who are divorced civilly as divorced, they also won’t be forced to marry or even accept gay people as being married in the eyes of God. “The bible defines marriage as between a man and a woman” The bible also refers to Jesus as the messiah, that doesn’t mean people who practice Judaism should be required to accept that view. People who aren’t Christian have gotten married. The Greeks who believed in the Greek gods, the ancient Egyptians, the Indians, and many others who weren’t Christian have had some sort of marriage custom. Christians cannot claim that it been proved that marriage itself is a Christian religious rite. Christians may believe it is, but there is such a thing as separation of church and state so their opinions should not be made into law. May I point out that non-believers are also going against God according to the bible, yet I don’t see the huge Christian push to outlaw anyone who is not Christian from getting married? Why is that? Christians can't say that marriage is a Christian religious rite only when it suits them.

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