Old habits die hard

Even though Sam and Freddie like each other now, old habits die hard!

Sam kiss Freddie

Look out Freddie! Sam's about to lay one on ya!

Sealed with a kiss

No matter how much they argue, Sam and Freddie always kiss and make up..

Ilove you

Smiling seddie.

This a somewhat seddie pradiction. Creddiers can read and comment if they dare.

So here's my speculation of what might happen in iLoved you based on the pictures and captions.

I think the first pic is the two of them making fun or the other's hoby, thus annoyed with each other. They always made fun of each other (Yes, Freddie insulted Sam too. It wasn't always Sam picking on Freddie) and they aren't used to having to pretend anything with each other. They're too used being honest and not just polite.

The second picture is Sam about to kiss Freddie. The caption leads me to believe she isn't about to break up with him, because if that were the case I don't think she'd kiss him on the lips or that it'd go as far as Freddie putting his hands on her waist, as seen in the third picture. Besides this is Sam's face BEFORE a kiss, not after. I might consider Sam realizing her and Freddie aren't meant to be after a kiss, but she wouldn't kiss him like that if she's thinking they're not right for each other before kissing him. Besides the "they always make up" caption leads me to believe they'll be alright.

Now the fourth and final picture I have is awesome too. It's either after the fight and before the kiss, or after the kiss.

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