As most of you may know, some people have been asking this particular question: "Should I leave this wiki?"

Well, I know a couple of people who has asked that question before, but I know this certain person who is really going to leave. This particular person is whom I consider a friend of mine; we have so much in common, she's nice, and now she is leaving. You know why? It's because of this no life HATER, who has NOTHING else to do but just be a bully to people!

I felt as if I had lost a friend, which I have felt many times in real life! Like when I left my home-country; when I had to move to a far away place, away friends, my friends whom I cared for and love so much - I miss them so. And now, Alica123. A fellow wiki-er whom I met at Chat, whom I had so much in common with, whom I was nice to, and was nice back. I consider her as a friend, and now, she is going to leave because of a hater that has been bullying her like no tomorrow! If it were only allowed, I would've cussed the fudge out of that hater! I can't even call that particular person a hater because whoever that person is, DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE TO BE CALLED A HATER! I even consider that person to be lower than a killer!

I'm sorry if I seem to be a very emotional person, but I just had to say this, I just had to get this out of my chest.

Also Alica123, you will be missed very much. Hopefully, you will come back again, soon...

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