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June 2, 2014
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           For many years now I have had a theory on Jennette and wh she does what she does. In order to fully explain it I would have to tell you about me and I wasn't shure about doing that. However with the recent Jennette drama I have decided to do so in the interst that we may all have a better understading of Jennette and why she does what she does. It also probably helps that I am one day older than her. I guess you could call this something like ESPN's Top Reasons You Can't Blame (I loved that series) but I degress. 

            I have Autism with high functioning aspergers. I was diagnosed at age 5 and I have lived with it all my life. 

          I am good at picking out other aspies and Jennette has always struck me as an aspie. The reasons fo…

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