• Mad4plaid98

    This Wikia is Crazy

    August 27, 2011 by Mad4plaid98

    It's probably too late to say this, but here it goes.....

    This wikia is crazy. Correction, most people on this wikia are crazy!

    You know what I think is stupid?

    That people (Seddiers or Creddiers) can't respect others opinions.

    We're not asking you to donate blood, we're asking you to respect others- you know, what you should have learned to do in first grade!

    Okay, so you don't agree with the Creddiers (example). Oh well. The world is not going to end because they like Carly and Freddie together. Man up (half of you on here are already adults, act like it). Same if you don't agreee with the Seddiers.

    And another thing.....

    This is a PUBLIC wikia, so don't go tell other Seddiers/Creddiers to get off of the others pages (like telling a Creddier to leav…

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  • Mad4plaid98


    August 25, 2011 by Mad4plaid98

    Everybody is gone to school (i'm going on the 7th of September)

    It's so quite.




    HELLO??????????????? (echo echo echo)

    If you're still alive on this wikia leave a comment!!!

    lol but i know this place will be pumping when iDate Sam and Freddie comes on! lol :)

    lol jk nothing aganist Carly :D

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  • Mad4plaid98


    August 16, 2011 by Mad4plaid98

    Um, i wasn't apart of this wikia during the days of iSave Your Life, but i have a question about it.

    Were the Seddiers kinda doing the same things Creddiers are doing now?

    Were the Seddier saying stuff like "Oh, Carly never loved Freddie and never will" or "Creddie had it's run and it's never happening again"

    if so,

    Were the Creddiers saying stuff like "Oh shut-up, Creddier is more real than Seddie" or "Just because Creddie broke up doesn't mean it won't happen again. Please stop being rude, if you were in our position, we (Creddiers) would never brag to you" or something like that?

    Because if that's true then someone is being a hypocrite.

    And now I'm hearing that Creddiers are bragging that iSYL has higher ratings than iLMM, and because of that, …

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  • Mad4plaid98


    August 15, 2011 by Mad4plaid98

    iDon't Know About Seddie Anymore....

    Don't get me wrong i'm in love with the idea of Seddie dating! (Did you see how romatic Freddie was in iLMM?!!)

    But i have come to the conclusion that because @DanWarp said in the end, all Seddiers and Creddiers will be happy with the finishing result, that.....


    face it...

    If Freddie dates neither Carly or Sam, that makes the Seddiers/Creddiers feel a heck of a lot better than watching their rival ship date!

    Now onto a different matter...

    Some Creddiers are predicting that Freddie will cheat on Sam with Carly

    Some Seddiers are telling Creddiers to give up hope/ Bragging about the current Seddie love

    Both are kinda wrong, but i do…

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  • Mad4plaid98


    August 14, 2011 by Mad4plaid98


    iLMM was in one word......... AMAZING!!

    Sam and Freddie together, FINALLY!!!

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