Okay so personaly i like icarly sooo much better then victorious, sure victorious is funny and i love the songs but i just kinda find it a little boring.

When i saw the first Victorious promo on nick i thought Oh no! whats gonna happen to iCarly? thats probibly what alot of us thought, then i read one of Dan's blogs about how he has done 2 shows at the same time many times befor, and that made me feel better. But befor i read it i hated Victorious cuz i thought maybe Dan will quit iCarly so he can focus on his new show, but after i read it i kinda opened my mind to Victorious... and i found it pretty hard to get interested in. I have nothing against the show or the actors, i acually love all the actors so i guess it's just me. : /

But anyway, i want to know what you guys think about it, which one you like better, or if u just wanna comment!!

iCarly vs. Victorious

Which do you like better?

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