Okay, I get it. Yesterday on the wiki chat there was a little bit of drama between Alica and Fudge.

I would like to explain myself. That conversation that I had posted (between Alica and Fudge) was NOT meant to go on the chat. I was going to save it to word so I could look at both sides of the argument. I was simply trying to do my admin jobs for that other wiki.

It was not intended for the chat at all. That isn't how I work... I'm very sorry if this caused upset. I wish I could go back and pay attention to what I was doing instead of watching TV at the same time as being on chat.

For those mistakes, I apologize. What I do not apologize for is how I was trying to handle the problem. I don't want to get involved in any drama that I don't need to, but seeing as I am an admin on the other wiki... I had to -_-

So, basically, I'm sorry if anyone got angry/upset.

☼Magicboots☼ ♥(talk to me!)♥ 11:49, August 21, 2011 (UTC)

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