Who wants to hear about my lame weekend? Well, it all started out in the Gym at school. We're doing trampolining, and we have to do all of these things. I was told to make up a routine so I did. I did a pike, bounce, splits in the air (I can't remember the name), bounce, tuck, seat-drop, seat-drop, and I was about to do another seat-drop when I fell on my elbows. So they are now cut.

Then I fell down the stairs. And had a sprained ankle. I still have a sprained ankle. So I went home from school because of my ankle and got a HUGE piece of wood stuck up my nail. It started bleeding. I fell down some ladders. My arm hurts.

Not my weekend, eh? However, I watched some season 4 episodes, and I felt much happier! People have been complaining about season 4 (including me), and that proved to me that iCarly is still amazing. If it can make me feel so much better when I'm in so much pain, it has to be great!

Magicboots 19:11, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

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