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Let Me Explain... Pweeeeease?

Magicboots September 3, 2011 User blog:Magicboots

I know... I've made two blogs to say I was leaving and I'm still here... Can I explain please? :)

Well, the first one I wanted to make... I only wanted to leave for a short while (which I did). I returned, and there was a lot of drama going on, some of which we all know about, some of which only a few are aware of.

The second leaving blog I made, I didn't want to make... I guess I was kind of forced into leaving. Alica told me to make the blog, I just wanted to leave quietly...

But I have some reasons why I come back each time. I miss you guys. We're like one huge dysfunctional family! I missed the humour... I missed all of you. I missed my friends.

I also had to come back for reasons that you guys won't (and hopefully don't have to) be aware of.

And, one of my other reasons is, I have a plan. Well, not me in specifics, but I know of users who have a plan. And, in the great words of PB, "Boots, girl, you're so confused"... Wait, no, in the OTHER great words of PB, "You won't get it until it's over" <----- my attempt at comedy. I fail at life.

Well, I hope that explains myself a little more. ☼Magicboots☼ ♥(talk to me!)♥ 16:21, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

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