I have a question. No, not the iCarly segment "iHave a Question" but I really do have a question. There have been lots of fanfics being posted up lately. Well, I'm not going to get an account on just so I can write iCarly stories. So I'm thinking of writing some and posting them here. I have one chapter (although I'd have to make it into about 5 different ones as it is ten pages long) but I can't post it though as my USB stick won't work on my laptop.

It's called iChoose. Basically it's Creddie, Seddie, Cam and Cibby. It's not the typical love triangle that I know you're thinking of. To me a love triangle is only a love triangle if at least one person knows what's happening.

Carly: She's angry. Angrier than ever. She's angry at Freddie, Sam... She's jealous of one of them. But which one? (little Cam hint in there) The only person she can talk to is Gibby; they become close friends.

Sam: She thinks nothing could go wrong in her life. She's got a best friend in Carly, finally got her mother back, has a big brother in Spencer, a punching bag in Gibby... And a boyfriend in Freddie. She's a Puckett though, and trouble never strays far from Pucketts.

Freddie: He's torn. On one hand he's got everything he needs. He has Sam. But has he really got all he wants?

Gibby: Gibby's seen Carly crying. Wailing about one of her friends. He really didn't know what he was letting himself in for when he asked her if she needed any help.

Spencer: He sees all he needs to. He sees the problems each teen faces. He just doesn't see how he can help.

What do you think about the outline of the story? Should I continue? Oh, yeah, and a few weeks back you may have voted on my blog about writing nice things for other ships. That will be up soon and it will be called "The other side: Cam". Hopefully it will be good.

Magicboots 09:38, December 20, 2010 (UTC)

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