Well, I've been reading a few comments, and I've been seeing mixed opinions... So, I wanted to know what you guys think. Should everyone stop the role playing now? I personally think it's just a bit of harmless fun, that won't hurt anyone. Most of us stick to blogs, and we try to stay in character and make you laugh. I personally don't see what's so wrong abut it, although I can see where you people who dislike this are coming from. so, I say we should bring it to a vote about what you guys think: is it good, or lame?

What's Your Opinion On The Role Playing Stuff?

The poll was created at 15:12 on April 25, 2011, and so far 109 people voted.

Tell me what you think
Magicboots (talk to me!) 15:12, April 25, 2011 (UTC)

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