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    Seddie Forever!:)

    September 25, 2011 by MaiaChick

    Hey! So, I watched the brand new iCarly episode, iLoveyou. Even though I'm a Seddie shipper, I loved this episode! I was upset that Seddie broke up, but the elevator scene was so sweet & serious. And when Sam was leaving the elevator and Freddie said "I love you." I was like YESSS!!! I mean, I know they broke up, but come on. Dan did a great job with this episode. I can't wait to watch the next episode, because at the end of the elevator scene when they ran back in the elevator to kiss I realized that it's gonna be hard for them to go back to being "just friends". So I'm exicted to see the new episodes, to see how that will work out. I think they'll be jealous of each other, you know? So I think the season will bring a lot of mystery wit…

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