Since some people complain about what a mess the Seddie and Creddie pages are and praise the Cam page for being so well-organized, I´m asking if I may do a MAJOR cleanup of the Seddie and Creddie pages. Here´s what I would do:

1. Sort them by "friendship", "Romantic hints" and "Nitpick" (like we did on the Cam page) (the "purple" stuff would completely go to Nitpick because it has never been confirmed by Dan Schneider or anywhere else that it means something).

2. Change the phrasing to make them (especially Seddie) seem less like crazy fangirl banter (example: Dan kept pointing the fact that Sam only likes stripes on herself and that she hates it on GUYS. How come we don't hear Sam complain whenever Freddie wears stripes.? Hmmmm.. would be changed to "Dan Schneider mentions that Sam hates stripes on guys, but she never complains about Freddie wearing stripes." You know, a calm, collected, factual style)

3. Take out stuff that is related to the friend- / relationship of the ACTORS (example: I wrote this little scene about 20 minutes before we filmed it. When I finished writing it, I first walked up to Nathan Kress (Freddie) and asked him, 'Um, how would you feel about Miranda sticking her finger up your nose?' And then I went to Miranda and asked her, 'Um, so how would you feel about sticking your finger up Nathan's nose?' Luckily, they're both really good sports. :)" That´s Niranda friendship, nothing Creddie-like)

4. Take out COMPLETELY unrelated stuff (example: Also, take note that Cal is wearing stripes. Who do we know wears stripes? Hmmmm....)

So, may I do it? it´s either both pages or none, to be fair.

May I clean up the Seddie and Creddie pages?

The poll was created at 07:13 on September 11, 2010, and so far 109 people voted.

Leave your thoughts about the cleanup here.

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