I sent the following email to the wikia staff concerning the security issues:

Dear wikia staff,

recently, our wikia has been frequently visited by people who get around the IP block, making even admins look like pathetic fools with only the illusion of having any power. This does not only destroy the atmosphere and community of a wiki, it also is a major flaw in security. Anyone who bothers to look up „circumvent IP block“ on Google could return at will, including people like Me*epsheep (who inserted disturbing images of mutilated genitalia and corpses on several wikias, some of them intended for younger audiences), Alica's hater (who made about thirty accounts on the iCarly wiki within the last few weeks just to bully a single person) or, as rightfully feared by those who had contact with him, Katydidit (a pedophile we blocked some weeks ago).

In order to improve the security, we ask you to give your full attention to a major security update.

After he calmed down, Alica's hater wrote in the comments of this blog ( when I asked him how to get rid of him:

use your brain. everytime i signed up i used ALICIAS email adress. did you know that? it worked every time, and i didnt even have to verify it. so how about that? and proxies should get blocked. like do you know tinychat? you cant use proxies on there. maybe the wikia guys (which are probably as dumb as alicia) can ask the tinychat makers for help. ( (Note: These are HIS words alone, I'm merely quoting them; They don't reflect my opinion in any way.)

So, some suggestions for security updates we collected include:

  1. A full block of any kind of proxies (if possible; suggested in the comment I posted).

  2. The need to activate your account via a link sent by email (suggested in the comment).

  3. A limited number of accounts that can use the same email address

  4. If a block is performed, it should affect not only the IP, but also the email adress.

  5. Also, since we also had some people whose accounts were stolen recently, a password should be required to include numbers; a password sensor that checks a password's strength during creation would also be good.

Other suggestions included for example the need for a new account to be manually confirmed by an admin, but I don't know if that would be effective.

I hope you understand the seriousness of this situation and give this issue your full attention; I especially hope so because we seem to have another one of these people again right now ( and [[]] ).



on behalf of the entire iCarly wikia and everyone concerned about keeping their wikia a safe place.

I hope they give it the attention it needs. Mak23686 18:22, August 19, 2011 (UTC)

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